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Starnage is an original online multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) GameFi project on the Avalanche blockchain. In Starnage, the more you kill, the more you earn! Play solo or in a team in various game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Domination modes (with more to come). Each game rewards players for the kills they make, as well as for winning the match, with PLASMA tokens. The PLASMA tokens can then be used in game to buy standard and limited edition Starnage game assets such as player skin NFT's and weapon skin NFT's.





The Arakin's are an invading alien horde that is taking over our galaxy for reasons currently unknown to humankind. They appear to be made up of multiple species. The Arakin's have advanced weapons technology which has allowed them to meet little resistance so far from the human colonies they have decimated. They seem to favour sending in their troops to devastate the victims, before then destroying what’s left from orbit in their battleships.





The Planetary Alliance had to come up with a solution to the Arakin problem, and so the Warriors Of Lethal Force: Planetary Alliance Commando's were born. The best of the best. Best combatants with the best equipment. The top Planetary Alliance scientists have used cutting edge human and captured Arakin technology to develop weapons and armor for the W.O.L.F.P.A.C.'s to even the battlefield in their fight to defend humankind's planetary colonies. The Arakin's are about to find out what humankind is capable of when threatened.

Weapons Repository

*More coming soon!









White Paper


Road Map

2022 - Roadmap v1.0

Starnage - roadmap
  • ✅ Idea and Research and Development

Starnage - roadmap
  • ✅ Starnage name and domain finalization
  • ✅ Starnage game development (Continued)

Starnage - roadmap
  • ✅ Twitter & Discord creation
  • ✅ Website V1 release
  • ✅ Stealth marketing
  • ✅ Start of public marketing
  • ✅ Whitepaper & Tokenomics release
  • ✅ Ongoing marketing (Influencers, AMA’s, ads, etc)
  • ✅ Whitelist presale mint
  • ⏳ Public mint
  • ⏳ NFT listing on secondary market
  • ⏳ Start of weekly giveaways for NFT holders

2023 - Roadmap v1.0

Starnage - roadmap
  • ⏳ Game Development - Programming (Continued)
  • ⏳ Game Development - Asset creation (Continued)
  • ⏳ Starnage - Alpha release
  • ⏳ Starnage - Beta release
  • ⏳ Partnerships
  • ⏳ Ongoing marketing (Influencers, AMA’s, ads, etc.)
  • ⏳ Ongoing weekly giveaways for NFT holders

Starnage - roadmap
  • ⏳ Official Starnage game and in-game store launch
  • ⏳ Ongoing marketing (Influencers, AMA’s, ads, etc)
  • ⏳ $PLASMA token release
  • ⏳ Additional Development (TBD)
  • ⏳ Regular release of limited edition NFT assets for the in-game store (player character and weapon skins)



Starnage is a multiplayer First Person Shooter game powered by the Avalanche Blockchain. It uses GameFi mechanics to reward players for their kills with PLASMA tokens. You will need to own a Starnage NFT to earn Plasma tokens and access certain game features.

Yes, the backstory will be up on our site shortly.

The mint will be for a total of 20,000 character NFT’s.
Starnage will also have an in-game store that will sell character and weapon skins and other items. This will include common, rare and ultra rare items. These items will also be NFT’s and will be able to be sold and traded to other players in-game or on the secondary market. New items will be released regularly, while older items will be retired from the store and only available from other players or secondary markets after that.

The Whitelist is limited to 5000 NFT's, however Whitelisters can mint as many as they like, with a limit of 10 per transaction. The public mint limits you to 20 NFT's per transaction with no limit on how many you can buy (up to the max 20,000 NFT's).

You can automatically get on the Whitelist by holding a Thortles NFT (1 Whitelist spot per wallet).

Anyone will be able to play the game, but only people with a Starnage NFT will earn $PLASMA rewards for their kills. The NFT will also increase the rate at which players will earn Experience Points and rank up in the game compared to non NFT holders. As an added benefit to those who mint and hold a Starnage NFT, we will be investing part of the funds from the NFT sale and using those profits for weekly giveaway draws for NFT holders, all the way up to the release of the game.

Avalanche. Make sure you have your Metamask wallet setup with the Avalanche C-Chain network and have enough Avax to cover the purchase of however many Starnage NFT’s you wish to buy, as well as the gas fees.

$60 USD equivalent in $Thor or $Avax tokens for whitelist holders and $80 for the public mint.

We will be conducting the NFT mint in late November/early December.

TBA however we are aiming for a 2023 Q2 release

The game will be browser based, but ideally played on a PC/Mac. Mobile versions may be developed in the future.

Yes, the reward token ($PLASMA) will be earned by getting kills and winning matches in the game. It is used for purchasing characters, weapons and skins in the in-game store, as well as for gaining discounts through holding above specific amounts in your wallet.

You will earn XP for kills, assists and winning matches. XP points will determine your level rank in the game. Your level rank will have an impact on which items will be accessible to you in the in-game shop. All players will earn XP points, however those players holding a Starnage NFT will earn XP at a higher rate.

Almost all the items in the in-game store will be cosmetic only (eg: player skins and weapon skins) to ensure that everyone who plays the game is only limited by their own skills and abilities and not by underpowered weapons. However we may release certain items that will give a slight benefit to whoever buys them (eg: 1% extra damage, or 1% extra health, etc), which can make a difference when 2 players of the same experience level face off against each other.

Please submit a ticket in the appropriate Discord channel and we will get back to you.

You can contact us via our Discord community where we hang out and discuss all things Starnage!

We have not doxxed ourselves, but we have been behind an NFT project called Thortles NFT Club, which is an ongoing project with a small but tight community that has been running since January 2022. We are gamers at heart and especially love FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Since there are no decent FPS GameFi games out yet, we decided to create our own FPS universe.